Blue City CDF and Risk1 ft. The Scribes- Retro Sh*t

Blue City CDF and Risk1 take you back to a time that seems so far away, just glistening on the horizon as far as the eye can see, it seems so miniscule and so completely simple that it would be hard to spot even through a telescope.

With that being said, this track will straight teleport you back to those days. Simpler times! It’s the feeling of opening a SNES on Christmas morning, or watching trash TV on a Saturday night circa 1997. Its the feeling you get when unboxing a new figurine or going to the shop with a quid and coming back with a hundred sweets that you could individually pick!

The Blue City boys and Risk1 have been busy for the last few months with promoting singles for their upcoming 90’s themed album “Anamnesis” which is set to drop on Bard Picasso Records on 17th June. On the back of their previous single “Two’s on a Draw” which is a classic sounding smokers anthem, Retro Sh*t gives off the same nostalgic vibes. Seriously. If you were born in the 80’s or 90’s you will 100% relate to this single!

Featuring award winning Hip Hop trio ‘The Scribes‘ who, unless you’ve been living under a rock, are gaining wide acclaim throughout the UK Hip Hop community for their classic boom bap sound and all the way to their energetically astounding live performances at countless festivals and venues across the country! As if this single wasn’t already good enough, ‘The Scribes’ just add that little extra to make this track a PERFECT collaboration!

Out on Bard Picasso Records on all streaming platforms from 27th May, grab your Sunny Delight, your pre-Jamie Oliver Turkey Twizzlers and pink custard and play this absolute banger on repeat!

Words by: Bill Shakesbeard

Blue City CDF


The Scribes

Bard Picasso

Blue City CDF and Risk1 ft. The Scribes- Retro Sh*t

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