Blue City CDF x Risk1 ft. Rollo - Two's On A Draw 12" [Bard Picasso Records]

Back with another soulful number from the upcoming album “Anamnesis” set to drop in June, Blue City CDF and Risk1 bring us “Two’s On A Draw” a smokers anthem out on Friday 25th March on all digital streaming platforms from the ever growing, illustrious record label Bard Picasso Records.

In true Blue City CDF and Risk1 fashion, “Two’s” sends us on a journey through time, back to the days of kicking back with a small amount of rocky to share around three people whilst bashing buttons on a console of your choice. Going off the lyrics in the first verse, “Playing Fight Night chilling, dabbing blims in my trackie” suggests we are circa 2005!

As always, Risk1 masterfully provides the production, with samples chopped, arranged and played in perfect timing to a neck breaking drum pattern which will have anyone nodding along and instantly transported back to simpler times.

The track also features Manchester born / Cardiff based rapper Rollo, who glides effortlessly through the third verse giving us his own experiences of life as a rebellious teenager, grabbing some mediocre weed and chilling at the park with friends.

I would go as far as to say a clear majority of listeners of “Two’s” will relate to this single massively. It made me want to get the old grinder out, scour the attic for my PS2 and kick back with some good Hip Hop and pretend I was 15 again!

“Two’s on a Draw” out on all streaming platforms, 25/03 on Bard Picasso Records.

Blue City CDF


Bard Picasso

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