Born 2 B - 2 Live Another Day CD [Hustlerz Inc.]

Born 2 B is a Rapper / Producer / Songwriter who has already proved himself to be a leader on the British Hip Hop scene with his nineties Jazz-Rap classic ‘The Band Played The Boogie’ on which he featured with NW1 for Coldcut’s Ninja Tune Records. With exceptional sales in the UK, Europe, Japan and the USA, plus mass coverage from MTV, Radio One and Kiss FM, Born 2 B is a recognised member of the U.K. Rap fraternity.

Born 2 B has gained respect and recognition from big names in the industry such as Coldcut, Trevor Nelson, Pete Tong and David Rodigan. As a Producer, Born 2 B is the mastermind behind the critically acclaimed “Rap Archives Legends” compilation series alongside fellow Producer’s from the USA, Partners ‘N’ Rhyme.

Born 2 B’s clever word play and truthful lyrics are and have been the backbone to his success as an artist and with the acknowledged history that he boasts, his new material is not only better but is striving to set new heights and create new boundaries for British Hip Hop music as we know it, he is the one remaining “Original Olde English” Rapper.

2 Live Another Day tells the story of a young man, struggling to break free from the Southeast London streets, trapped by the underbelly of his local society, caught up in the wrongs of street life. As he strives to better himself and leave the streets behind, he cannot help but be drawn back to the powers that be, back into their circle of inner-city street life.

U Don't Know looks at the injustices in the world as we know it today and the effect it has on the common man. From Bush to the New World Order, from Hitler to the Lawrence enquiry, corruption and politics, Born 2 B captures the view of changing times with this piece. Taken from the forthcoming CD album Original Olde English (Release date: June 2010).


1. 2 Live Another Day (Radio Version) – Born 2 B
2. 2 Live Another Day (P.E.N. Natty Dub-Hop Version)
3. U Don't Know – Born 2 B. (JFK Mix)
4. Hooz In Da House (Radio Version) – DJ Dax Vs. Merlin
5. Hooz In Da House (Midi Mayhem Remix)

Sales and Distribution: Pickwick Music Group, 01494 732800.

Born 2 B - 2 Live Another Day CD [Hustlerz Inc.]

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