Braintax has been out of the way for a while now, but he is on the way back with a new LP – Panorama all lined up and ready to roll. He has slipped out the D-90 Rules track which has created a bit of buzz and talk around him and his imminent arrival back in the limelight, although he would probably be one to shun it.

This first single from the LP is a double A Side and for me I have to say that this is a very welcome return. If I were to still make Hip Hop I would like to imagine that I would make Hip Hop like Braintax does. There is something about his work that just feel synergistic to my inner feelings.

A1. Run The Yards Dirty
A2. Run The Yards Clean
A3. Run The Yards Instrumental
B1. Last Tenner Dirty
B2. Last Tenner Clean
B3. Last Tenner Instrumental

The A Side is Run The Yards in which Braintax goes about demonstrating how he has been in the game for years and has put in the work. Doing the job he does you can imagine him coming across all sorts of people who are overstating their talent and this track is a bit of a backlash against all those fake wannabees. The track also riles against all those people in the industry who either abuse their positions, or are totally incompetent. The beat is provided by Beat Butcha with a stuttering beat, deep bass and great Motown trumpets.

The B Side is Last Tenner, which is a track all about drinking culture and is a bit more light hearted than the previous track. Exploring backstage bars and Friday and Saturday nights out Braintax drops his usual insights into people who avaid getting rounds in or the bovver boys who appear after a few. With his last tenner spent on alcohol Braintax is left walking home at the end of the song. The production by Braintax himself features slurred cymbals and a staggering bassline with a paino which follows in sympathy.

There is Dirty, Clean and Instrumentals of both tracks. Braintax is back and he is on form. This is what you would expect from him. He has not gone off on some mad tangent, he has just produced some classic Hip Hop Make sure you head over to Low Life HQ and get your own copy of this.

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