Breis - The Identity EP [King Solomon]

The Identity EP sounds close to what you might get if Kanye West, Fela Kuti and Coldplay were locked up in a studio together. Breis (pronounced breeze) tackles the concept of identity more honestly and skilfully than most emcees ever could. His British and Nigerian identities are displayed equally, both musically and lyrically throughout the EP.

Identity” is the lead single – a perfect fusion of live horns and a talking drum with an infectious hook (you can’t help repeating). Breis’ lyrics are delivered with such ease you almost don’t realise their complexities. The third verse alone deserves an award; he raps in both English and in Yoruba. “Word Power” is a fresh and bouncy Hip Hop song with a powerful message about the importance of the words we use. All conveyed through tales of wayward MCs, spirituality and childbirth!

Amazing vocals from the very talented Eska Mtungwazi can be heard on “Strictly”, an ode to the African Diaspora whilst “Radio Times” is a jazzy afro beat number listing the TV programs and music Breis grew up on. See how many of them you can recognise…

The EP flows well from start to finish and shows off Breis’ rich and vibrant production style (he produced all the tracks). It has a balanced measure of intelligence, culture and inspiration and wets up the listener’s appetite for more.

“Breis is one of the best kept secrets in British Hip Hop”
The Guardian

Breis will be performing throughout the UK, France and Holland in Feb and March, before beginning a promotional tour in Nigeria this April / May.

The lead single, “Identity”, and the EP will be released on King Solomon Records in March 2008, available on download.

Breis - The Identity EP [King Solomon]

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