Brighty - Spare Parts

Bard Picasso Records proudly presents the brand new boom bap showcase from South Wales’ very own ‘Brighty‘. Coming from a background of grime and commercial sounding production, Brighty spreads his wings and expands his range to a more authentic Hip Hop vibe, akin to the sounds of the 90’s and cementing his place as one of the most versatile artists to come from the Welsh Hip Hop scene.

Produced fully by ‘Jay Rede‘ of ‘Blue City CDF‘, an up and coming rapper and producer from Cardiff who creates soulful Boom Bap via a mix of FL Studio and MPC One with classic hip hop drums and samples, this project is one to watch. From neck breaking beats and flows, to goose bump inducing harmonies, “Spare Parts” proposes the question of “how does Wales still get slept on as a Hip Hop nation?“.

Hailing from Cwmbran and residing in Newport, Brighty is a name that would be on most artists top five Welsh MCs list. The flows produced would be envied by some of the best in the country, but mix that with harmonies, wordplay and the relatable narratives put forward, and you have yourself an artist that would be impossible to miss.

Spare Parts‘ is available on all streaming platforms from Friday 22nd October – On Bard Picasso Records.


Bard Picasso

Track List

1. No One Else
2. Write The Wrongs (feat. Blue City CDF)
3. Let You Down
4. Spare Parts (feat. O.Davies and In10sive)
5. Reminiscing
6. Fall (feat. Jay Rede)

Brighty - Spare Parts
Brighty - Spare Parts

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