Brotherman - Heart of Dem b/w Bollox CD [Silent Soundz]

Brotherman’s lyrical substance, paired with the warmth and clarity of his voice make him an accessible and exciting new performer, and a breath of fresh air in a stagnating home-grown scene.

Combining thoughtful verses with catchy hooks and on point production, he has the ability to fashion stand-out songs that are far more than just beats and rhymes.

The first track on the single, ‘Heart of Dem’ is an ode to the youth, and the struggle they face growing up today amongst the chaos on our streets. Produced by Chemo, Brotherman’s melodic chorus make it an upbeat track despite the serious nature of the lyrics.

Bollox’ on the flip sees Brotherman oozing bravado over a bouncy reggae groove with a deep dub bassline courtesy of hot new producer Tea Jay.

Out 31st March.

Brotherman - Heart of Dem b/w Bollox CD [Silent Soundz]

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