C-Sparks - An Introduction To Sparksism EP [TPS]

When listening to An Introduction To Sparksism, accents aside, it's obvious that this is UK Hip Hop. C-Sparks does the British Rapper thing to a 'T' – but it's not really enough. Yes, he's got skills – his lyrics are pretty clever in places and the production is competent – but that's just not enough.

As a fan of UK Hip Hop, or indeed any sort of Hip Hop, there's only so much of the same thing one can take. On Lost World C-Sparks bemoans society but does little to add to the solution – as result it comes off a little dreary and samey. The grey mood doesn't lift – I guess that's just who he is and what he's experienced, take Sunshine as case in point. Conspiracy Theory is an interesting examination of modern war tactics and is the best track here – this C-Sparks has something to say.

Rooftop is a little lighter but then, it's the same old, same old weed talk. Artists with abilities (such as C-Sparks) need to extend their creativity beyond just rhymes and making dope beats – there need to be concepts, originality and thoughts from outside the box.

Overall, this is an average release (think half marks) from a talented individual and I'm well aware that there are many out there who totally vibe of music like this and would not share any of my opinions. Why not listen for yourself and let me know how wrong I am?!

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C-Sparks - An Introduction To Sparksism EP [TPS]

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