Calez - Intermission MP3 [2008ighties]

Starting with an a weird repetitive sound and 808 I thought this could turn out to be some southern shit. Normally wouldn’t check for this, but something about this track made me give it a go. Immediately I was hooked as Calez‘s off key rhymes made the skimpy production make sense. Flosstradamus has produced a slow head nodder with a hypnotic Odd Future feel. What seems simple is peppered with percussive touches that give the beat depth. Its the new wave and Calez should soon be recognised as being at the head of this movement.

The video is great as well. It opens with Calez signing a lease on a krib and what is the first thing he does? Throw a heavy party, get loads of freinds round, get smashed, pass out in the middle – that’s the Intermission, and is then left wondering – what just happened?

Calez is still under twenty, but has had a plan to rap for a long time and it seems to all be coming to fruition now. Born on the south side of Chicago, Calez was apparently writing raps at age six and was recording in his early teens and producing beats soon after. He now makes most of his own tracks and has also produced for Lil B.


As is typically the case with burgeoning desire to forge a career in the rap game, a label called 2008ighties was formed by YC aka The Prince to outlet the creative talents of Calez, Fonz-E Mak and U.G. amongst others and soon Calez released his debut solo mix-tape entitled The Bus Stop in May, 2010. Calez produced tracks and featured on other releases, but his sophomre release Is Calez Famous Yet? dropped almost exactly one year later and started making a bit of noise.

The Intermission is taken from Calez’s debut LP Kid With Raps. Its being polished, but it should drop next month. I believe that you should check it out.

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