Charles Reed explodes onto this R & B swinger not only with his silky smooth vocals and lover boy lyrics but with a new word for all your vocabularies – Jook. Now maybe it’s just me that hasn’t heard this term before but as far as I can guess its something to do with dancing however I could be wrong!

Either way Charles Reed and Miami MC D-Shep flow along merrily while producer Bigg D provides a electro hip hop backing which is both chart friendly and club friendly.

Overall this track wont set your ears on fire but if you’re an R & B fan Reed is definitely someone to watch especial as Bigg D, who’s previous collaborations include Kanye, Jay-Z and Jamie Foxx, has signed him up.

Expect big things to come from this due and who knows if this single goes large maybe Jook will even make it into the dictionary!

By: Alex Humphrey

Charles Reed

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