Cheebo And Cosm - Dissonance EP [Indie]

Cheebo and Cosm are a hip hop duo that hail from Bournemouth U.K., specialising in real hip hop. They have been making music together for two years and have released two projects to date, “Hollow Sun” and this, their most recent offering “Dissonance“. Cheebo creates the sonic aesthetic that Inspires Cosm to write in his own visceral, visual inimitable style… Which in turn inspires Cheebo, and so the cycle perpetuates.

The Bournemouth bred MC Cosm teamed up with fellow South Coast head and supreme boom bap producer Cheebo for a nine track EP, Hollow Sun. A proper MC / Producer collab, Cheebo’s solid beats not only bang but also help tie down the concept of the album, well chosen vocal samples and two skits burning the imprint of the hollow sun firmly onto your brain. Meanwhile, Cosm’s intricate flows and slurring hooks lead you through at times abstract, at others straight up, tales of the modern world.

Check out their free EP “Dissonance” below and grab your free copy.

Never Front Video, filmed by Darren Linbourn and Peter Gilliam, and edited by Darren Linbourn for In Your Face Media:

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