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Choong Family show a remarkable return to the scene after the success of their chart hit singles Memory Lane & Fallback. They unleash yet another double-barrelled single Monologue For The Thoughts & Injury Time.

The two tracks have been taken from their Platinum Edition of the album Higher Elevation and have been deliberately chosen to show the parallels between keeping it street while maintaining the appeal to a mainstream audience.

Choong FamilyMonologue For The Thoughts takes lead track duties on this one. Choong Fam have once again shown a fine-tuned ability to carve out a hit from melodic riffs and scorching drum patterns. The piano melody in this track creates an emotional centre around which the lyrical content takes the listener on a journey portraying the trials of youth in today’s urban landscape.

After getting y’all to chill out Choong then proceed to hit you with a real banger in the form of "the ultimate hardcore Hip Hop collaboration track Injury Time. Combining an extremely sick beat and the verbal dexterity of artists such as Craze 24, Luc Skyz, Mike G.L.C, Street Dreams, Logan and GX Camp this track will get your head bopping! Injury Time was created simply to cause Injury to the industry by joining the forces of some of the finest lyrical UK Rappers.

Choong formed out of long-time friendships as the Family grew up on streets of London. Their music blurs the lines between hip hop, R&B and soul with different members of the crew taking on the rapping and singing duties – Afix ‘the intellectual’ and Nutz P ‘the comedian’ are the rappers, HT is the singer and ‘sweet boy’ Scandal alternates between the two. Choong Family have got it all covered – their subject matter varies wildly between gritty depictions of growing up in grimy housing estates to light-hearted, feel-good, shake-a-leg soul sessions.
The boys have had the pleasure of performing alongside some big names like The Game, Blackstreet & Missy Elliott, to name a few.
Choong Family have been applauded by some of the industry’s most prolific movers and shakers in the business – Westwood (BBC Radio 1) Jenny Francis, Phoebe One, DJ 279, Masterstepz, Richard Blackwood and Dave VJ from Choice FM, Ras Kwame, Hot Sound and Jason & Iyare of 1Xtra, Shortee Blitz & Big Ted of Kiss FM are all backing Choong to the fullest.

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