Conscious Route and Scott Bathgate - Pyramid EP

Edinburgh-based MC Conscious Route and producer Scott Bathgate have released their 6-track ‘Pyramid‘ EP, featuring guest appearances by Sean Focus, Kryptik, and Geoffrey Williams.

The buff and bass-heavy sound maintains a hip-hop edge while switching through touches of grime, afro-pop, dancehall and electronica.

The rhymes paint politicised pictures with a self-assured mindfulness that will make you think. The release date is 02.04.2022.

The ‘Pyramid’ EP track, ‘Love and Institutions‘ has been recently supported by Amazing Radio USA and Amazing Radio UK as well as other worldwide platforms, including BBC Introducing Scotland, with presenters Phoebe I-H and Shreen Cutkelvin playing it on their show and calling it “the ultimate collaboration“.

Not the usual ‘once-and-done’ pop rap, you will want to put this on repeat to soak it all in.

Conscious Route

Scott Bathgate

Conscious Route and Scott Bathgate - Pyramid EP

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