Conscious Route, Texture and Becci Wallace - Orphans

Orphans is a track for the post-truth, extremely online age. The deft lyrics expose the false promise of the streaming economy, and the exploitation of art for commercial profit. This is a track that diagnoses the alienation of a generation who live their lives under opt-in surveillance – a state-of-the-nation address from three of Scotland’s most fiercely independent artists.

The original mix, written and arranged by Becci Wallace with additional production from Audrey Tait (Franz Ferdinand) and Lauren Gilmour at Novasound Studio unfurls in a gathering storm of soft guitars and dusted beats, anchored by Becci’s soaring voice and bittersweet hooks. The track has a layered added nuance from the trombone of Edinburgh Jazz head Chris Greive. Chris is known for features, performances and production alongside a host of growing names like Joseph Malik, Rebecca Vasmant and The Scottish Jazz Orchestra.

The remix by Scott Bathgate offers a more jazzy, traditional hip-hop framework for the complex, densely-layered lyrical exchanges of Texture and Conscious Route. Each mix offers a different side of a track that twins raw poetics with incisive social commentary.

Music: Becci Wallace
Remix: Scott Bathgate
Lyrics by: Becci Wallace, Conscious Route and Texture
Trombone: Chris Greive
Mixed and mastered by: Audrey Tait and Lauren Gilmour (Novasound Studio)
Art Work by: Alex Holman

Conscious Route

Scott Bathgate


Becci Wallace

Conscious Route, Texture and Becci Wallace - Orphans

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