Context MC - The Dialectics EP

Mistakes are only really mistakes if you make them twice. Context is learning from his own encounters. He’s pulling together that link between what feels good and what sounds mint.

The heavily drum and bass vibrations throughout make this proper hip hop. Because it’s not about boundaries and set BPMs or sounds. It’s about individual personality, with everything you’ve experienced influencing you. And only more mistakes, experiences and influences will enable him to fulfil his true potential every second of every track.

The few moments of original Context we saw in his earlier work have been developed and stretched like animal skin over a snare drum in this new disc. The result is the old school DnB, Hacienda worthy track – ‘The Harrier’ and the contrastingly smooth yet disturbing ‘Delusions’.

Plus several other tracks which just run as ‘nice’ tracks that drag for a little too long with no hip hop style break to make them come to life. So the expertise which is now undeniable is stretched so far there are a few thin points in the skin, where one flick of a drumstick could slice right through.


But there are no visible holes right as yet.

All we’re gona see is more layers of strong, vibrant originality. And all in the next few minutes. Cos this fucker learns fast.

The lyrics are already well past the beats when it comes to fantastica. Honest, heavy and hopeful. With lines like ‘abusing this genres useless standards’, that make him a truly buck language master.

Georgia Ruth Williams provides some enchantingly powerful vocals on ‘Delusions’ and ‘The Harrier’. Illustrating Context’s ability as a producer to make shit work. The divergent, harp playing ‘Adele-esque’ lass is like gold scattered on the EP.  This is integration as its best.

The Dialectics EP is a grade higher. Open soul and consistency will get the C man the A* he’s already brushing up against.

By: Nino

Context MC

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