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Thursday, 12 December 2019
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Craze 24 - Ghetto Hotels 12" [GX]
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Monday, 11 September 2006
Craze 24 - Ghetto Hotels 12Craze 24 is set to become one of the most influential personalities of the UK hip hop scene. Not content with waiting around for some jumped up A&R from a major label to recognise his unstoppable talent, he did what a lot of rappers think about doing while they sit at home watching Channel U – he founded his own record label and started to compose his own destiny.

Craze 24’s EP Ghetto Hotels featuring the brand new single, Ghetto Hotels, My Precious and Young Guards is set to be released on November 20th 2006. The debut album, Music with Meaning, is due for release Spring 2007.

Craze 24 - Ghetto Hotels 12I have heard Ghetto Hotels and can confirm that it is indeed set to do big things on road. The track opens with a live street side interview with GX for the Dun Know DVD Vol. 1. Craze is drawn into dropping a freestyle where he states that he is the voice of the streets and he can deliver what people have been waiting for. His lyrics encapsulate looking at people on lockdown to students to people who are living on the streets. As he drops this science a wicked violin riff builds until the beat kicks in when Craze 24 steps up the level of venom in his voice as he begins to deliver his curriculum Vitae in rap and lets us know about his biography.

Upbeat and full of energy this is a track full of expectation. Craze 24 states that he is calm and deadly and certainly seems to have his head screwed on. He states that he is ready to conquer this game and if he continues in the same vein it is likely he will.

Craze 24 - Ghetto Hotels 12

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