Cyclonious - What's A Postcode MP3 [Bravestarh]

From the streets of East London to the ears of the UK, Cyclonious is the rapper with a message that involves all. Raw and uncompromising – Cyclonious is a gimmick free artist for real hip hop heads. Taken from his forthcoming debut album, ‘The Revival‘, ‘What’s A Postcode‘ is his first single that is not just a thumping hip hop rack, but a powerful message too.

This impressive debut tackles the increasing levels of street violence in the UK and offers hope to teeangers lost in the struggle. Knives, gangs, which bandana represents you and the all-important ‘postcode war’ are dissected in Cyclonious’ explosive track, giving all listeners the chance to make up their own minds. Are you part of the struggle or against it?

Cyclonious writes, raps and shares from experience. Born and raised in East London, his history in producing music for other rap artists and appearing on various mixtapes has led him to a debut that is revered for DJs and loved by fans.

‘What’s A Postcode’ comes in five mixes, so whether you love funky house, dance or straight hip hop, there’s a version for you!

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