Dan Le Sac Vs Scroobius Pip ft. Pos - Thou Shalt Always Kill Re-Edit 12

These two have used what airtime they’ve been lucky to get slating UK Hip Hop. Which begs the question; have they heard their own music? This smug oh-so-clever list of observations on the British / human condition would pass the time of day in a work email forward, but when slapped over horrible clunking beats it’s the aural equivalent of a car driving by and splashing water all up your trouser leg.

To make matters worse they’ve managed to rope in a personal hero of mine – Pos from De La Soul – for maximum cringe factor. The original mix was picked up by the increasingly grim XFM last year. That it ended up in the UK charts can only be attributed to the not so great British public’s renowned appetite for corny novelty rap. It might be pleasing the NME radio monkey crowd – who hate Hip Hop yet think Mike Skinner’s the new Dylan – but I for one pray Thou Shalt Not Make Any More Music Ever Again. Please!

By: Max Weldon

Dan Le Sac, Pos, Scroobius Pip

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