Debut 12"’ for new label Cog is this double sided banger from Danny Spice with the legendary Lewis Parker on the beats. A recent relocation to NY has seen Lewis tapping the pads for both big fish and small fry – from Ghostface to Jackie Danz and all with consistently fresh results. It’s also seen him adopt a bizarre yankee twang but he sticks to what he does best on this one, staying behind the boards and out of the mic booth.

Down and Out’ is an uplifting jazzy number with a cheeky vibraphone sample and tuff, funky drums. Much lighter and brighter work than his current 70’s soundtrack stylings. A reasonably engaging if unspectacular mic presence, Danny offers up some helpful pointers for the Prozac massive feeling down on their luck. Despite coming over a tad self-righteous on the drink and drugs issue it’s all brought together with a catchy chorus that’s hard to shake off.

LP On The SP’ flips a more quirky sample than the straight up summer madness of the A side. This one sees Danny reflecting on the musical process, stressing the importance of Hip Hop homework and testifying to the skill and dedication of the SP1200 master. And I can’t argue with him. It’s good to see Lewis back on British soil and working with British rappers, it would be a shame to lose him to the US indefinitely. A promising start for this nascent label, fans of hard head nod Hip Hop would do well not to sleep on this one.

By: Max Weldon

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