Danny Spice - Money 12

DJ Juice's production grooves along (in the way a modified premo joint might) as Danny Spice cruises vocally on his latest track Money. Mr. Spice tells us in no uncertain terms ("You see me, ain't up in the game to be cool/ Or have MTV round to look at my pool/ I rap to because I have to") what he deems to be the state of realness in Hip Hop.

Sci Figh sees Juice switch up a little with a sound effect heavy, stripped back head nod beat. Danny rails against another type of MC this time – the type who rhyme for rhymes sake; the Hip Hop geeks. Danny Spice maintains that you have to have something to say if you're gonna jump on the mic. The two tracks do leave you wondering exactly which kind of rappers Danny does like – I guess he himself does it how he thinks it should be done.

Both tracks are taken from Danny Spice's debut album Just For The Record which will be released towards the end of the year. Money / Sci Figh will be available on 12" and download on August 3rd.

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