Dap C ft. Blak Twang & Geejay - Music Game CD [NGU Records]

He's a humble 'un that Dap-C. Not only did he let Reain and Stylah go first on 'Heaven' he's also let Blak Twang rap up front on 'Music Game'. Kindness or business savvy? Possibly the latter seeing as Blak Twang is one of the most prolific names in the UK Rap scene at this moment in time.

The concept of 'Music Game' is simple and it works well. Each MC chats about everyday employment whilst trying to succeed in the entertainment business. The accompanying video portrays Blak Twang as a painter and decorator, Dap-C as a barman down his local and Geejay as a park gardener giving a real insight into the poorly financed world of UK Rap. I've spoken to big name UK MC's who are still having to work their day jobs whilst at night they write, rap and record – far from the world of your 50 Cents, Akons and Kanye Wests. They also pick up on the theme of music-making as therapy and a deterent from a life of crime.

The sample used as a chipmunk chorus is perfect; "I got a little job, don't make much money" and if anyone can tell me where the sample comes from I'll be happy to hear, it's really bugging me! 'Music Game' has a nice throwback-ish, non-synthetic sound, the beat is steady and not crowdy rowdy and the bassline is just the sort I like.

'Music Game' is a semi-sun soaked track showcasing three MC's with different voices and interesting things to say. It's great light entertainment and deserves to be recognised as a good piece of Hip Hop. Fans should also heed the message – if we don't support the scene financially these MC's may be forced to step down – look what happened to Blade.

By: Aidan Severs | http://certifiedbanger.blogspot.com

Dap C ft. Blak Twang & Geejay - Music Game CD [NGU Records]

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