Diversion Tactics - Cant Swim / Back To School 12" [Boot]

Its been a hell of a long time, but Guildford based hip-hop extraordinaire Diversion Tactics are back for good. With a banging new AA 12" single, including a banging B Side produced by New York underground hip hop mainstay J Zone, the road is well and truly paved and ready for the forthcoming album 'Careful On The Way Up' out December 2009.

On 'Can't Swim' Jazz T and Zygote provide the deep, bubbling backdrop for a somewhat more revealing Chubby, with his dry wit still intact to report the darker side of alcohol related mischief. This is a slow paced track with a farty bass and sees the Diversion Tactics crew return with their usual aplomb. Braintax contributes one of the paranoia related cuts that adorn the chorus for this rather simplistic but effective track.

J-Zone adds the quirks and the punch so that Chubby can remind us of their early classic 'School Thing', teaching a revised history lesson on 'Back To School'. He is quite capable of telling a story in his raps and doesn’t just spit brag / nonsense raps. This is altogether more funky and orchestrated in quite a random way, but it’s a stoker as well.

Diversion Tactics are Jazz T, Zygote, Chubby and Squeaky. Producers, deejays and emcees. Hip Hop in its purest essence.

Release date: 26th October 2009.

Diversion Tactics

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