DJ Babu ft. MOP - Dearly Departed 12" [Nature Sounds]

Not content with smacking the decks up for Dilated, Babu has been applying his impressive skill set to Reason and after a shaky start has emerged as a consistently solid and versatile producer; with Hip Hop’s finest vocalists on speed dial to boot.

New album / compilation Duck Season 3 showcases some real heat amongst a few duffers but luckily this new single is sufficiently dope to warrant a 12 inch release. ‘Dearly Departed’ is a nice horn led fanfare number featuring MOP (who surely deserve an award for thinking up so many great and entertaining ways of saying ‘I’m going to shoot you’). ‘My Opinion’s infectious, sluggish, funky piano rolls along nicely too – with Aftermath signee Bishop Lamont on mic duties. Decent stuff!

By: Max Weldon

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