Heavyweight Japanese DJ Kentaro who is known as a turntablist and former DMC winner, but after his debut LP Enter he has also become known as a producer. He returns with a couple of astonishing remixes which keep him firmly on top of everyones request lists.

This first track is a remake of Trust from French producer Le Jad who is known for making many of the bespoke breaks that have helped other DJs compete in and win the DMC DJ competition. Trust starts off with a heavy dub feel which took me back to being at a blues party before some more familiar horns kick in and then the beat drops to make a frantic Drum & Bass, Dubstep floor filler.

Rainy Days features the vocals of the Quemists and New Flesh and is a heavy steppers track. The furious Amen break is coupled with an electronic acid bassline and makes for a heavy track.

Released on Ninja Tune on 19th May.

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