Dr Syntax is probably better known for some of his collaborations with the Foreign Beggars and for ripping it up in their live show. Now he has his own release on Dented Records in collaboration with Beer & Rap.

The release kicks off with the Dag Nabbit produced Sub-Cultures which comes in radio and dirty versions. Dag links up a contrastingly light flute sample with big thumping beats and bassline. On this track Dr Syntax lists all the dirrerent types of people he has met and lays into those that get his goat from pub bores to sado-masochistic oddballs. Slightly biographical Dr Syntax breaks down his music making techniques and even flips a sung outro. Dr Syntax proves that he is a gleefully cynical punchline don with a mind for comic timing and original concepts.

01. Sub-Cultures (Radio)
02. Animal Hides
03. Pack Mentality ft. Koaste, Manipulate and Orifice Vulgatron
04. Sub-Cultures (Dirty Version)

The remaining tracks lean more towards standard boom bap and are put together by producer Ido. Animal Hides comes with a deep bassline and is where Syntax tests his verbal skills as he gets all braggadocios and bigs up his two crews The Menagerie and the Dented Records Crew. Judging by this Dr Syntax can take u7p his place at the top of the food chain.

The final track Pack Mentality slows thing down a bit, but is a tremendous posse cut which gets Brighton’s Koaste in on the mic as well as the Beggars own Orifice Vulgatron for a right rowdy offering which with its comedic lines should have any listener creasing up in places. DJ Manipulate is also enlisted to lay down the cuts and rounds what is a tasty oening offering from Dr Syntax.

This is the first release to be taken from Dr Syntax’s debut LP which is to be entitled Self-Taught and will be available later on in the year.

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