Driis - High Class Problems Vol 1 EP [Hevlar Recordings]

Many actors have made the transition into singers (and vice versa), some have been successful and others haven’t. Jamie Foxx yes! Terrance Howard, sadly, no. Driis is the musical alter-ego of A-List actor Idris Elba (The Wire, Obsessed, American Gangster and the upcoming Marvel blockbuster Thor).

Unlike some of his contemporaries Driis actually began his showbiz career in music as first, a pirate radio DJ and MC based in East London and later as a producer, so it makes sense that he would return to where he started. Releasing the EP High Class Problems on his own independent label Hevlar Recordings was always going to be a gamble – it’s not easy to be both artist and owner, however Driis pulls it off with all the smoothness of his records.

Listening to the EP you will discover another side to the DJ / producer / artist. Moving with ease between soul, reggae, hip-hop and jazz, High Class Problems boasts a rich, eclectic sound which sees Driis singing openly and with no restraint. Having written or co-written all of the tracks alongside some of the most talented names in the business (9th Wonder, Pete Rock) the resulting sound is sensual, soulful and about as infectious as the flu.

On the wonderfully laid back Best That I Can, Driis exposes his tender side over this exceptional Vitamin D beat. One of the EP’s highlights, this track is seriously smooth; I challenge you not to want to get your two-step on to this at your favourite wine bar. But it’s on the reggae-infused cover of the Sinatra classic Please Be True where he shines the brightest, on paper I wouldn’t expect this to work but it does, and rather nicely I might add.

Proving that he has several aces up his sleeves, High Class Problems showcases Driis’ maturity as an artist as well as his wide musical palette. Put away all of your preconceptions and let the music do the talking, expect to be pleasantly surprised.

The new single Private Garden (Produced by 9th Wonder) and the EP High Class Problems are out 8 February 2010.

By: Michelle Adabra

Driis - High Class Problems Vol 1 EP [Hevlar Recordings]

Track List:

1:  Best That I Can
Written by Driis
Produced by Vitamin D

2: Please Be True
Written by Driis
Produced by Pete Rock & Driis

3: Private Garden
Written by Driis
Produced by 9th Wonder

4: Extraordinary Love
Written by Driis & Hanif Jainlett
Produced by Hanif Jainlett for Hevlar Recordings

5: Absolutely
 Written by Driis & The Klassix
Produced by The Klassix

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