Duo Live ft. Billionz - Life I Lead 12" [Redemption Music Group]

MC Fre and producer Sid V are Duo Live and this track is the latest release after a string of successful singles and albums. Life I Lead is a blend of intelligent lyrics and great production with solid lyrics and a beat you can’t help but nod your head to.

Duo Live formed in the 80’s and a socio-political edge can be heard in there lyrics which harkens back to the artists and sound of that decade such as KRS-One and Dead Prez the latter of which featured on their 2007 album The Colour of Money along with Angie Stone, Fabolous and Talib Kweli.

The true triumph of the song is to balance solid and interesting rhymes with a great backing track something Duo Live seem to achieve with ease.

If you like your hip-hop with a bit more depth then make sure to make this tune the soundtrack to the life you lead.

By: Alex Humphrey

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