Enfenetee - What U Talkin Bout CD [X9 Records]

Enfenetee, the former Baltimore based rapper has found a new home in Charlotte, North Carolina, and a new single release titled "What U Talkin Bout – Dirty South Mix". Critics are saying this is one of her best recordings, and fans are buying that view and the song. Enfenetee is the most downloaded independent female rapper on the internet. To date she has a combined total of over 63,000 downloads sold through www.x9records.com .

The recording hangs true to the big boom of the 808 kick drum, the foundation of most southern Hip Hop instrumentals. The percussion adds presence and commands attention, perfect for what Enfenetee had in mind for this song to demonstrate the double standards she faces as a female rapper in a male dominated business.

The aggressive instrumental appeals to both male and female hip hoppers, however, the females are attracted to the strength of her lyrical content. The song really appeals to anyone who has been told they couldn't do something when the person knew deep down inside they could do it if given the opportunity. That's Enfenetee's story.

She is the youngest child in her family. Her siblings were fans of Hip Hop and that's the music she listened to growing up in Baltimore. She loved the way Hip Hop would allow the rapper to express their thoughts and feelings in music without censor or judgment. This was the perfect mix for her outspoken personality.

While the other girls in her neighborhood wanted to be hood singers or dancers, Enfenetee was the only female that was serious about becoming a rapper. Still in her teens, she began to craft her skills as a MC. Growing up on Hip Hop; song structure came natural to her. She began writing songs and was able to connect with several local producers who taught her the art of sampling and recording.  

All through high school Enfenetee kept developing her craft and working in the studio until she went to college. College life paid off big time as she began distributing her music on campus and built a fan base. As she was able to produce and release her own material, and sell her music on campus and the streets of Baltimore, she was confident enough to lift herself up to the next level.

It was through her distribution system that one of her singles found its way to X9's CEO. X9 released Enfenetee's first official maxi-single, "Hate The Game". The girl power anthem quickly sold a little over 3,500 street units, making Enfenetee one of the most in demand rappers on the independent scene.

The former Baltimore based rapper has been interviewed several times on XM Satellite Radio and on WERQ 92.3 FM in Baltimore. In addition to her recordings, Enfenetee was the hostess of her own local cable TV program, XPOZ. She has appeared in national print ads in King and XXL magazines, and had guest roles on the HBO series, "The Wire". She is currently working on her second album and performing in the Southeastern region of the country.

Look for Enfenetee to be on the Hip Hop scene for a long, long time.

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