Eslam Jawaad ft. De La Soul - Rewind DJ [Eslamaphobic]

From his stint in the Lebanese mafia to touring the world with Damon Albarn's The Good, The Bad And The Queen and the Wu-Tang [Killa Beez Euro tour], this Arabic / American emcee has seen the music industry and the political arena from every possible vantage point.

Eslam Jawaad's brand new single is bound to be the first real hip-hop hit of 2009, with its massive production and insanely catchy hook. Rewind DJ is an iPod-repeating, car-bumping, clean-the-house-while-severely-headnodding classic of a song. Legends De La Soul lend their strong verses to an already cataclysmically storming track.

Having collaborated with global superstars such as Asian Dub Foundation, Fun-Da-Mental, Outlandish, Iam and UK Apache, it is now time for Eslam to get the solo shine he truly deserves. This track should do just that. The beat is insanely funky and just what you need as you come out of the hilday period needing some classic music nourishment.

The full length, jurassicly big album The Mammoth Tusk features production from The Rza, Dr. Dre's right hand man Focus and Damon Albarn who also contributes his vocals to the album.

"Eslam is on some next s**t, watch out for the album, its nuts!" Dave (De La Soul)

Release Date: 26th January 2009.

Eslam Jawaad ft. De La Soul - Rewind DJ  [Eslamaphobic]

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