Estelle is a true artist and can cover a variety of sounds and styles. Since her album was a smash people have been wondering how she might follow it up and here is the answer… 

Too Long gets going with a set of beautiful strings and nicely arranged big orchestral sound. Horns are abundant as are the multi layered samples and fills. The composition is varied including less intense and vocal sections for contemplation, but overall is a big upfront sound which exploits Estelle’s talents to the fullest. Estelle delivers heartfelt and serious messages. Only two verses long, the first verse elaborating on what her recent life has been about, recording new material, touring the world and rating her skills above other MCs who are just standing still. Verse two explores the strengh family can offer when having to face up to adversity. The overall message being just go for your self and make the most of what you have.

EstelleThe flip Everyday Struggle produced by JD makes us of some great Mowtown sounding samples. This is more of a down tempo song that you can gently sway to rather than get all aggy. Rhymefest drops a nice little verse and fits in well with Estelle’s obvious strong feelingas of home and family. Although times have been hard and surviving is a struggle, eventually if you do the right thing and have the support of freinds and family you can overcome all sort of odds.

Definately on the more pop side of the genre, this is still great music and is well put together that you can’t really fault it. Classic material. Promo “Too Long”/ “Everyday Struggle” is available on Stellar Entertainments now.

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