Estuary Heads - Weight Gain mp3 [Indie]

“It’s that lout from the south of the Humber”. That’s right; Mista Smith has teamed up with DJ Whoner to create Estuary Heads – A hip-hop collaboration from the north East of England. After releasing modest, homemade freestyles and snippets of live footage from bars, living rooms and pubs on YouTube, we have finally been blessed with a full-length video of their latest track “Weight Gain“.

This is a great new track for 2012 that displays great talent, a fantastic sense of humour and a genuine desire to entertain. With imaginative lyrics and first class production, this tune is looking to be a favourite for UK hip-hop lovers around the world. What’s more is that “Weight Gain” is available as a high quality download for free at the following link: Show your support to the artists by downloading and sharing the track as and when you see fit, that way we can expect much more from Estuary Heads for years to come. Which can only be a good thing.

The video, put together with Focus 7 Ltd ( helps to emphasise Estuary Heads frivolous approach towards making a brilliant, light hearted UK hip-hop track. Plastic fish swimming through the air, eight foot tall fishermen and general frolicking around various locations can only raise a smile whilst you nod your head to this quality tune.

If you want to keep updated with future ramblings from “Estuary Heads” click here: to join their Facebook page.

By: Kris Drew

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