Face was once a key member of the So-Solid Crew, but after releasing a series of mixtapes and creating a new crew called the Black Piranhas he has got his own deal and is set to release music as a solo artist. Earlier ths year Tricky set up a new label with Chris Blackwell and they decided to take a punt on Face.

This debut solo is a two track affair, with the lead track being Ladies. This is bouncy club track which is made purely for the females out there. Just the sort of offing you would expect from an ex So-Solid member. Switching between softly spoken intros and choruses Face takes the verses by the throat and sets about detailing all his good points which should attract himself a hottie, even going as far as to say he’s going to make babies. This is going to go down a storm, and whilst to someone like me this type of chirpsing sounds totally false and I wonder how anyone could fall for this peacocking display, I’m equally sure girls will flood to this.

01. Ladies
02. Ladies Remix
03. Take You There

The flip contains the Ladies remix which adds a slightly darker vibe to the beat, but is pretty much the same and another track Take You There. Take You There is another track in which Face continues to fanticise about all the things he wants to do with a girl. I don’t know if Face is a one vibe man, but he is setting out his stall as one for the ladies and no doubt giving himself a wider appeal. This track is a much more relaxed track with some minimal production and fast high hats to compliment the speed the MCing can reach.

This release is perhaps a bit one dimensional, but then again this is not aimed at me and we’ll have to see whether the hoards of So-Solid fans will be attracted to this. A bit on the pop rap side of things, but very acomplished for what it is considering Face has been in the game for over six years now.

Face has a new album coming out in the new year and is currently fiming Brown Punk, a movie which is a hard hitting street drama filmed in Glasgow, Manchester and LA.

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