FDot1 - Pardon Me... MP3 [fM Inc.]

Returning from his ground breaking trip to New York, where he filmed part of the video for his forthcoming collaboration track with Hip Hop legend Man Parrish, Fdot1 has gone back into the studio and back to basics with this one.

After being co-signed by childhood heros Kool Herc, Grandmaster Caz and Crazy Legs (Rock Steady Crew) in New York Fdot1 has taken Hip Hop full circle and back to its real roots. “Pardon Me…” is the result of months of total immersion in 80s and 90s hip hop classics at Lil’ Rock Studios, and comes with a newly revived passion to bring back the art of lyricism, complex rhyme patterns and just downright dutty beats.
When asked about his mindset and reasons for returning to the Game FDot1 stated, “I just got tired of all the bullshit that’s being pushed out and labelled Hip Hop, whether it be here in the UK or Stateside. Hip Hop ain’t Nicki Minaj or Drake, that’s Hip POP. I’m all about taking it back and honouring the greats that inspired me in MY art. Being in New York, the birthplace of Hip Hop, and meeting real legends like Caz, Herc, Rakim, Legs and Premo made me sit up and say naaah Flo you gotta do something to educate the people about what REAL hip hop is all about.. and bring it with some new flava. Hip Hop is not dead, it’s just been in a coma for a New York minute, but I’m here to wake y’all the fuck up!”.
And what about the video. well, in true Fdot1 style, it’s not your regular no-budget hood video. Oh no. No council estate, no crew, no hired Maybachs or Bentleys, it’s strictly Man vs Food. Like he says, “Hip Hop lives in everything I do”. In a rather nice pad FDot1 puts together a tasty meal all whilst letting us know whats on his mind. this is a big tune with a sick loop, so FDot1 was right when he said he was inspired whilst in New York. Think we need to send a few more people out there to get them educated in what good Hip Hop actually sounds like. American accent of course, but I’ll allow that as it sounds good on this!
“The Hip Hop revival starts right here and now. Are you with me?”, Fdot1.
“Pardon Me…” is available for FREE download at: http://soundcloud.com/fdot1/fdot1-pardon-me-sick-wid-it

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