Filfy ft. Deadly Hunta - Buffalo Soldier MP3 [High IQ]

Hailing from the UK, Filfy is an artist with a really eclectic background, evolving and developing alongside the trends and transformation of the kaleidoscopic underground music scene of London. Filfy began his illustrious career as a Jungle MC, and as the craze for Jungle was leaving room for drum and bass, he became one of the pioneers of UK Garage, frequently appearing within the London club scene, teaming up with some of the hottest promoters and performing live at some of the most popular venues in town, as well as touring overseas.

Over the years, Filfy released several tracks within the UK Garage Scene and collaborated with artists such as Cameo and Culture Club for remix work.

After taking a short break Filfy is back on the scene. His return was marked by the 2012 release of his debut hip hop tune Taking Liberties, which is a great taste of what's about to happen. Brand new album Filfology is expected to be released on 17th November, featuring 12 explosive tunes sporting socially conscious content and a lyrical depth that brings Filfy's work to the next level.

Filfy has now released his latest track, Buffalo Soldier. This new track is written with powerful lyrics and high power beats, mixing together the sounds of reggae and hip-hop to create a track that offers smooth rhythms and intense lyrics. Miles from the corporate sounds on the radio, this track is journey through several genres of music and into the mind of gifted lyricist and vocalist. Its produced by Vherbal (Anno domini) and features Deadly Hunta.

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