FM Crew’s single Girlz, taken from their forthcoming album City Island. The FM Crew’s original members, Profit and Screechi have worked on many projects in previous years and have recently teamed up with featured female vocalist Eyez, who brings an RnB element to the group’s sound. Their sound has been described as a vibrant blend of Hip-Hop, RnB and DanceHall vibes, but for me this release is pretty much straight light hearted Bashment / Ragga.

Profit grew up in Jamaica as a member of the local Church Choir, before moving to the States in the late 80’s where he lived in the Eastside Projects of Stamford, Connecticut. At a young age he hooked up with a string of local DanceHall DJs where his melodic vocal style propelled him to the forefront of the scene catching the attention of his current working partner Screechi.

Screechi, born Felix Lapots, could be found reciting self-penned poems to his Grandmother in Church on Sundays at a young age. He then grew up to be inspired by the sound of the major figures in the Positive Consciousness Dancehall movement of the time, namely; Nicodemus, Brigadier Jerry, Josey Wales and Super Cat.

Eyez from Bridgeport, CT in the US has joined forces with FM Crew as the featured vocalist on Girlz. The press says that at the age of 3 she was singing, dancing and marvelling audiences at local talent shows before reaching the final round of auditions for the show ‘Be a Star’ in 1994.

FM Crew’s multicultural line up has been working with Afro / British dance producer Kayo on this release, and his unique beats have propelled many an independent dance release to the top of the US Billboard Dance Charts.

They have also been performing at clubs in New York, Connecticut and other North American cites including an appearance at Toronto’s annual ‘Caribana Festival’.

Meanwhile the ‘Girlz’ video is current picking up plays on several popular video channels in both the US and the UK with a recent appearance on B.E.T’s “The Next” show.

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