F.O.A.K. - Welcome To My City CD [Foundation Rekords]

Manchester' newest finest are F.O.A.K – First Of A Kind, Fountain Of All Knowledge, Face Of A Killer, Fucking Ordinary Arse Kids, Fiending On A Key and many more. The V (Vlad) and DQ (Daz) are a couple of Mancunian lads who like to watch footy, have the odd pint or three and together they make some of the freshest music to come out of the North since the nineties.

Welcome To My City is the first track to be taken from F.O.A.K.'s forthcoming album P.R.A.I.S.E M.E. (released February 2011). Its an introduction to the Manchester based duo and an ode to the city that they hail from. The smooth seventies funk / jazz sample, hard-hitting drums and on point lyrics, depicting the two lads love / hate relationship with their hometown is broken up perfectly with a passionate and catchy hook sung by frequent collaborator KT Forrester. After listening to their debut single you will have been properly introduced to F.O.A.K and formally welcomed to their city.

Welcome To My City themes and lyrics:
Red and Blue refer to the duos football allegiances and how the city itself is split. Another theme is blood. DQ is a red so he bleeds red while The V is a blue, "look at the colour of my veins because my blood is really blue". The V also refers to fellow blues Oasis, DQ calls on Ian Brown and The Stone Roses for the reds.

The flip Underground is a straight up head nodding hip-hop cut reminiscent of Cypress Hill in their finest hour and is produced by Vherbal of Anno Domini Beats.

The video for 'Welcome To My City' will be ready next month and features Lee Boardman and Mickey 'Guvnor' Francis!

Forthcoming F.O.A.K. live shows:

  • Manchester In The City Festival @ The Attic 15th October
  • Manchester University Freshers Week (2 dates TBC)

More live info, blogs, videos and music can be found at:

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