Fokis - Do What It Do 12

We like Fokis here and now he is releasing the latest single off the up and coming 20/20 EP. Manhattan lyricist Fokis has aligned himself with his namesake and Aftermath production genius Focus who produced the project in its entirety. With features from a who is who on the West coast, Fokis drops, what one would think is set to be another classic joint, on fans and music lovers with Do What It Do.

This single from the highly anticipated EP which will be available on various websites and media platforms very soon sees Fokis call on Mistah F.A.B and Young Dre to accompany him on this potential summer hit. Fokis opens up with the best verse on here and Mistah FAB follows with Young Dre bringing up the rear. Both of these later MCs verses fail to deliver as they don't sound as good as Fokis.

For this track Focus has cooked up a rather simplistic beat which really I'm afraid to say is not up to par and makes it difficult for the MCs to shine on. A simple drum pattern and gentle plinky piano are pretty much the entire offering. It is a shame to say it, but this track is below par.

Fokis - Do What It Do 12

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