Fokis ft. Joell Ortiz - Pandemonium CD [Loyalty Records]

What happens when two of New York's finest come together to charge a track with punchline after punchline equating to more than just a hot beat and a catchy hook? You get Pandemonium. This is the first single off the up and coming album from the multi-faceted entity commonly known to fans and family as Fokis.

His album Road To The Riches which also sees him assisted by artists such as Deemi and Joe Budden was inspired by a challenge that the MC set himself last year. The challenge has been documented on an internet Reality TV show of the same name.

The track a guaranteed classic encompasses the sentiments Fokis has about the music industry and also allows fans a little insight as to why he set himself a target of securing a label situation within a twelve month time frame. "Like everything in the game today, taking a chance is necessary", he shares. "I took a chance by setting myself a time frame, but I know the outcome will work in my favour".

Fokis similar to his co-hort Joell Ortiz on this project is a rapper for the people. "It was a great working with Joell Ortiz, he is very talented and one of my favorite new artists of today. I had the pleasure of working with Joell Ortiz a few years ago as an engineer, recording one of his songs. Now I got to work with him as a rapper on my new single and that feels great".

Fokis identifies with the struggles, the obstacles people face in their every day lives and by being able to as the record says do the same thing over and over again as the sun comes up. There is nothing fabricated about this lyrical assassin, he speaks as he sees it and by maintaining his role as a 'peoples rapper' he is that personality who has the ability to restore  faith into Hip-Hop.

Fokis ft. Joell Ortiz - Pandemonium CD [Loyalty Records]

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