Freddie Foxxx - Killa 12" [Fat Beats]

In the first single "Killa" from the mysteriously shelved 1994 album Crazy Like A Foxxx, we’re transported back in time to a different era of hip-hop. Bumpy Knuckles and 2Pac’s rawness evoke a New York City where gang violence was at an all time high and many of Bumpy's friends were in prison. There’s no mincing words in the track; Bumpy states, "If they wanna rumble with the Foxxx / Then they get shot".

What is purportedly the real treat of the track is 2Pac’s singular voice, still fresh after all these years. Its a hardcore track remiscent of the time it was conceived in. A heavy beat and a simple funky guitar sample, with an arrangement which builds for the chorus. The main subject of the track being the sentiment that you shouldn't fuck with Freddy Foxxx. Every line makes it clear that Freddy will kill you or any amount of people necessary and it is ordinary behaviour for him!

If you like that mid-ninties sound then this track is sure to ake you back to a period when everything was so much simpler.

Freddy Foxxx aka Bumpy Knuckles

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