Funky DL - Sometimes I Have to Wonder... [Funky DL samples Stevie Wonder] EP [Washington Classics]

Funky DL returns with his new project, the next in his “Funky DL samples” series. Previously, he took on the works of Amy Winehouse (links below), but this time it’s the magical audio of Motown legend Stevie Wonder that DL crafts his hip-hop chemistry with. This all new FREE and downloadable EP is entitled “Sometimes I Have To Wonder” and sees DL flippin’ such classics as Stevie’s “My Cherie Amour” (1969), “He’s Misstra Know-It-All” (1974), “Thank You Love” (1966) and “Please Don’t Go” (1974).

The EP also contains 2 bonus tracks… including the “Rocky Balboa” inspired “Only Just A Matter of Time” featuring Louise Bagan from Addictive sampling from Bill Conti‘s “Going the Distance” and the soulful “Another Girl (Gods Other Daughter)” featuring Dyanna Fearon and sampling Curtis Mayfield and the Impressions‘ “The Girl I Find“.

As we know DL has a smooth flow and these sampleed productions have a bumping Boom Bap vibe and 808 drums. The release has an uplfting due to the sentiments and sounds of unparalled Stevie Wonder. This is well done as you would expect from someone as deep in the Game as Funky DL. This is a proper evokative release that is just the relief I needed right now from so much meaningless music.

Not sure how long this will be available as I can’t imagine that DL would have been able to stump up for the clearance costs, so make sure you grab it while you can.

Also, as mentioned above, if you haven’t already heard the classic Funky DL samples Amy Winehouse albums “Back To Frank” and “Back To Rap” here are the free streaming and download links:

Back To Frank (volume 1):
Back To Rap (volume 2):

Enjoy the music and look out for more from Funky DL in the near future!!

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