Garton - Flowers

Nottingham artist, Garton releases his self-produced single entitled Flowers. When asked about his style Garton responded, “This is my wave don’t tell me how it should be, cus the last time that I checked no goats came from sheep“.

Garton’s first release of 2021 is a record of reflection mixed with calm and collected confidence in his musical ability. The airy Rhodes sounding piano chords are complimented by a smooth bass and punchy drums which Garton uses as his platform for story telling with a few subtle but clever punchlines right from the first four bars.

As well as producing the beat, the lo-fi filtered drums in the chorus are accompanied by Garton experimenting with his vocal range which breaks the track up nicely and creates a laid back feel.

Not your usual summer time party release, but definitely a banger to kick back to on a summer evening.

If you are new to Garton’s music, he has previously been featured on platforms such as Channel 4, The Observer Music Magazine, Complex UK, 1Xtra, SBTV, JDZmedia and more.

Artwork: Louis Preston



Garton - Flowers

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