G*Fam have a definite commercial feel to them. And they bring it without jacking some TPain beats like way too many folks in the scene. However, this track doesn't really bring much to the table for me. It's alright. Just. Catchy, club worthy, sellable.

But it's not something I would personally put on repeat or point other serious hip hop heads to. Saying that, it'll probably do pretty well looking at what is selling in the scene these days. It's a personal preference thing. You may love it, I seriously doubt you'll hate it. You'll enjoy listening to it. But it won't alert any synapses or have a permanent place on your Most Played.

The beats are probably the best bit. Funnily enough, I'm guessing this'll be the part most people won't even listen carefully too. The chorus lines and R&B style male and female vocals are more likely to stick in your head. When you actually listen to how many layers the music itself has, it's hard not to be impressed. The double toms seem to echo of one another and there some nice bassline. The keys could work alone as they have a mint little rhythm of their own.

The second verse is really sick. I'd buy that on its own. It's a grimey broken down, speedier bit of rapping over the background vocals. The female rapping which kicks in later for an annoyingly short time is the strongest and most flowing. Rather than doing that typical thing female MCs feel the need to do when they're sharing a track with some brothers – jump completely off it and do their own thing that just disrupts the entire flow in an unrefreshing way; she follows straight through, timing implicit.

But the lyrical content doesn't get much more interesting. Apart from an intentional or perhaps completely unintentional homage to MC Lyte – "I need a witness to hear me spit this". Coming from the only lass on the track, its hard to believe it is just convenient. Which suggests that although G*Fam seem fairly simple and Channel U selly, there may be more to them. The skill is there, the words just need to be presented in a more intricate way, giving them more than one meaning. Watch this space. I know I will.

If this does get stuck in your head, be sure to vote for the video on Channel U – text 436 to 81700.

By: Nino


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