Ghost - Freedom Of Thought EP [Breakin' Bread]

On his latest release, ‘Freedom of Thought EP #1’, Ghost, sounding not unlike DJ Shadow at his best, pleasingly mixes guitar samples with big and crunchy un-Hip Hop drums and cymbals to create some nicely emotive pieces. With the added strings and vocal ‘ooohs’ it’s a wonder ‘Way U Feel’ doesn’t come with the sheet music.

Return Journey’ sees the above formula added to as synthy keys and bells provide layers of melody. Then just before the half way point Ghost gets all Eric Clapton on us with a seldom heard in Hip Hop electric guitar solo – awesome, heart-warming stuff. ‘Feel Pain’ fits the template yet Ghost has again added extra spice to make it taste that bit different as the track builds up and down.

S’all Good’ features Detroit’s Finale and whilst it’s more Hip Hop than the instrumental tracks it’s still a little different from traditional rap beat fare. It’s “smooth and uplifting” and more synthy which fits Finale’s upbeat lyrics just fine. ‘Elevate’ is a remix of the DJ IQ track featuring Jehst and it’s “possibly one of [Ghost’s] favourite tracks off the album”. It’s the type of soundscape that accompanies documentaries on deep sea life – something I’ve not heard in Hip Hop before!

‘Freedom of Thought EP #1’ is out on 12"/download on 06/04/09 on the Breakin Bread label

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Ghost - Freedom Of Thought EP [Breakin' Bread]

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