We all know how Ghost can conjure up those smooth productions which have a timeless quality and are well formed in such a way that they show off whoever he collaborates with in the best light. For this latest single from the man like Ghost he does just that as he gets in Abstract Rude to deliver on the vocal front.

Abstract Rude hails from California and is a member of Haiku D’Etat and Project Blowed which is in turn affiliated to the Freestyle Fellowship. His flows are quick and clear to the point. The tone of his voice is very relaxing and float easily over the track.

01. Basic Instinct
02. Basic Instinct (Natural Self Remix)
03. Basic Instinct (Ghost Remix)
04. Round Trip
05. Basic Instinct (Instrumental)
06. Basic Instinct (Ghost Remix Instrumental)

This was one of the more popular tracks on the LP so it is no surprise that it now gets its own release. The wax features a number of remixes and the original which is an easy going mellow summertime track with a stand out high pitched riff. It is a good track for drifting off too.

Natural Self, Ghost’s Breakin Bread stable mate gives us the first remix which has more clubby / samba influenced drums as well as some Spanish guitar for a quite different vibe which is accentuated by the deeper throbbing bass and occasional organ riffs.

The other remix on the release is by Ghost himself and shows how a producer is able to view the same track in different ways. A more shuffling jazzy beat opens up before some heavily funkified instruments are let loose. Hard to say which is preferable. The original is what I am used to and therefore seems to be the ‘most right’, but also Ghost has done a great job with his remix as it vies for top spot.

The release also includes Round Trip a slow paces piano based track with lovely big and live sounding drums. Ghost has worked the composition as synth pads are added one by one filling up the sound stage which are ultimately augmented by flutes for a track which doesn’t necessarily require any vocals as it is nice as it is.

The release also includes the instrumentals of the original version and the Ghost Remix for a stand out 12”.

Ghost’s productions are hard to quantify, he has that sample ethic and can hark back to the classic NY sound with his productions, but at the same time he can deliver multi-layered rich soundscapes. This release follows on a number of previous successful releases and productions for other notable MCs. This one should do just as well, so check it out.:

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