Godbless was born in the US and based in Columbia, but he does consider the UK to be his second home due to his grandparents settling in England from Grenada in the ‘60s. He did move about a lot as a kid, but remembers being influenced by his grandfather the ‘Mighty Sir Roger’, a carnival star in Grenada.

His foremost musical influences include classic artists like Rakim, Wu-Tang Clan, Brand Nubians and Pete Rock and CL Smooth which does come through in the music. This release kicks off with the easygoing U & Urs which is punctuated with a steady beat and synthesised chords. The track is dedicated to all the Soul Cipher peoples spread throughout the world.

The main track on the single which is getting the push is Dreamer which was inspired by seeing the vision he had as a boy come to fruition at a time when London was being bombed during the summer of 2005. Again the track is on the easy listening side and the production evokes a thoughtful feel with the use of smooth guitar licks. The song is deep and laments why people across the world are dying for no good reason and Godbless is frustrated that he can’t do much about it, but he maintains his faith that he can’t loose and has to win.

The release winds up with Throwback the fastest of the offerings. Whilst Godbless finds it hard to do more than a basic flow at this speed he still references greats such as Bobby Womak and pays tribute to acts of the past.

The album from which these tracks are taken is entitled For You And Yours and is due out later this year. All the tracks are produced by Godbless and his brother eVerlution and together they plan to release their work on their own independent record label Soul Cipher.
The brothers chose to go the independent route rather than look for a major as they wanted maximum control over their output, and through the music aim to project a positive message that lyrically deals with the more social conscious issues within the Hip-Hop genre.

As well as co-producing the album with Godbless, eVerlution is an international athlete and will soon receive his Doctorate (PHD) in Social Work & Counselling.

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