Gorilla Tactics - Demo CD [White]

Profanity and Lego are like drums and face paint. They go together in a way that, those following a mainstream, tick list fashion wouldn't even consider creating. Their proverbial Northern accents flow in and out of the tracks creating a plain of rhythm that is easy to follow.

"Gorilla Speech" kicks off with what can only be described as an ode to English grammar… "to be fair, many people couldn't punctuate their way out of a paper bag… what happened to punctuation?" The underlying idea behind this track deserves some serious praise, because it's defying the Soulja boi attitude. This pathetic idea that there is no place for intellect in hip hop. That rapping 'dumbs down' the English language. That education, knowledge and mental challenges are a waste of time. Gorilla Tactics are clearly attempting to prove that they don't want to fall into that because they recognise the integrity and intricacy required to make any MC stand up and out.

However, they don't spend enough time verbally dissecting an idea that really should be addressed more. The track rests mainly on the laid back beats layered with their own self declarations of ability and MC prowess, with no deeper reasons or further analysis. The track still makes for a good listen, but it lacks the diversity intellect should encourage.

They somewhat redeem themselves on this one with "Yesterdays", the bluesy dampened samples are inserted just the right amount to lift the track up without yanking it right off the tracks. The educated satire on this track raises the issue of boundaries of old school hip hop versus the stale mainstream modern style. It's a cipher style humour that requires a true hip hop head to appreciate fully. Plus some direct slating of members of the scene who sit comfortably in the mould, doing what they’re told and biting all their style off the last man. Such as the all to familiar "WHAT TIME IS IT?" wornout DJ shoutout which Gorilla Tactics respond to with, "if you don't know the time, check your wristwatch mate"

When I saw the title of "Apocalypse Now" I expected a repetitive track covering a topic that is constantly being milked by every genre. But, this track just proves that you can't judge a tag by it's can, a book by it's cover – or a track by it's title. "Apocalypse Now" is personal on the right level, it isn't as self orientated as "Gorilla Speech", instead it is opinionated. And the opinions make sense while not sounding overall familiar.

Back to the idea of titles – Gorilla Tactics seems to be an irony all in itself. It's this whole Darwin evolution ish all over again. And if you think about some of the weaknesses and evilness of humanity it's hard to recognise what separates us from our supposed ancestors. Gorilla Tactics are switching it up, they're being logical yet not simple. And they're approaching the tracks with a no-shit Gorilla mentality.

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