Guru ft. Lord Tariq - Knowledge MP3 [7 Grand Records]

“This is art no corporate crap”,  Exactly. Guru always rhymes about the truths and its nice to hear something different from all the 50 Cent, Game and other “corporate” rappers that I hear about rhyming about guns, drugs, money which a lot of rappers don’t actually know about but know it’s going to sell.

When I hear the name Guru I immediately think of Jazzmatazz and then I think of Hip-Hop. This is Hip-Hop this is what I call the true definition of Hip-Hop. The beat is simple, not too flashy and it works extremely well. Then on top of that when he rhymes it sounds as if he’s not even trying which gives the track an effortless feel as if he knows that he’s good and doesn’t need to try.

The track the progresses and a trumpet hook is introduced making this track a little Jazzy which ties in with the whole Jazzmatazz series. The track is crazy I really haven’t heard any thing quite like it before and this is definitely a favourite!

This is Hip-Hop.

By:  Nikhil Sharma

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