Homecut ft. Corinne Bailey Rae And Soweto Kinch - I Don't Even Know 12" [First Word Records]

Homecut's debut single from the forthcoming album, No Freedom Without Sacrifice is entitled I Don't Even Know featuring Corinne Bailey Rae and Soweto Kinch. A key-laden reflective number, evoking a journey of the melancholic and the joyful, due for release on First Word Records on 4th May.

Musically, a 'Soulful, Jazzy, Wonder'. Vocally, Testament, the albums creative force and guiding light, touches on anxiety and poverty with his spoken word. While the affectionate yet effortless overtones of Corinne Bailey Rae are the ying to his yang. Her emotional torment, controlled, but equally as somber. An emotional battle but without the tears. Added to this is Soweto’s virtuoso sax solo, recorded on the first take.

The second track Not Far To Go is a splendid counterpoint to the opener. Somewhere between The Isely Brothers and Ty this is disco hip hop with soul, achingly simple in its delivery yet packed with all the right ingredients for a summer anthem.

This single is an introduction to the world of Testament and his creative alter ego, Homecut. It conjures the mix of emotions and a skilful marriage of instrumentation and harmonies that edges this album as the stand out it is.

The art of music production is more than just about understanding music. It’s about understanding the music makers and how to work their talents. This is arguably Testament's, testament. A creative conductor. The album is stuffed full of such accomplices and contributors. Encompassing the essence of a real music scene; with real people and real songwriting. Corinne is a Leeds lass and was literally passing for a brew when Testament played her the beat and she just jumped on it.

The album is due out on 18th May also released on First Word Records.

Track List:

1. Homecut – I Don’t Even Know featuring Corinne Bailey Rae And Soweto Kinch
2. Homecut – Not Far To Go


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