Huey - PaYOW! Ft. Bobby Valentino mp3 [HiTz Committee]

St. Louis native Huey is a rapper who is all about the females and his new single PaYOW! is a pure bedroom jam of the smoothest order. Creeping along slicker than a pimp on ice this single produced by multi Grammy award winner Deezle, slips in your ears like honey helped along by a perfect hook sung by R’n’B crooner Bobby Valentino that ups the sex factor of this song ten fold.

Huey employs some auto tuner to make his half sung, half rapped innuendo filled lyrics even more seductive and the whole thing hangs together tighter than some fine fitting lingerie on a super model.

Lady’s expect a whole host of guys to be bumping this track next time they want to shift some moves on you – PaYOW!

By: Alex Humphrey


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