There was something special about hearing Non-Phixon’s brand of paranoid splutter over vintage Premier on Rock Stars. For Primo it sounded like a welcome break from the usual suspects and as good as Necro’s beats can be, if you’re a dope rapper from NY it’s a rite of passage to flow on a Work of Mart. Subsequently, it was only right that Ill Bill, the most talented and engaging of the crew rekindle that magic on this teaser from his forthcoming LP ‘The Hour of Reprisal’.

With America in the grip of recession, poised to elect a new president and political awareness being at an all time high, the time seems about right to drop a few gems on the populace. But considering 'fuck the New World Order' is the millennial equivalent of ‘fuck the police’ in underground Hip Hop circles it’s surprising how few offer insight into what it actually is or means. Society is Brainwashed breaks down the basics with controversial references to everything from William Cooper, Christianity and Al Qaeda to the One World Government Theory coming off like ‘Zeitgeist’ on wax. And if you’ve seen that film you’ll know the deal.

The production here is the classic formula but flipped with a dark sci-fi soundtrack feel that corresponds perfectly with the tone of the vocal. Apparently Premier intended this beat for Jay –Z’s American Gangster set but was rebuffed, arguably a blessing in disguise as instead of Jigga’s increasingly asinine waffle, Society is Brainwashed is a hungry, snarling beast of a record. Flipside ‘I’m a Goon’ is the icing on the cake seeing Bill attack the sturdy drums and nagging piano riff with signature random genius. Definitely one for the crates!

By: Max Weldon

Ill Bill

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